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The Pastor’s Kid by Barnabas Piper

The Pastor's KidThe Pastor’s Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity. By Barnabas Piper. Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook, 2014, 160 pp., $12.99.

Re-entering pastoral ministry after a seven-year seminary hiatus with the recent addition of two boys makes me nervous. More than anything I fear the possibility that my children’s regular exposure to the disappointments, trials, and vulnerabilities of pastoral ministry will have a hardening effect on their hearts and will serve to drive them away from Christ and his people rather than into close communion with both. I have heard the stories of pastor’s kids who have turned from the faith of their parents, often citing the unique difficulties of their dad’s work and their experience in the church as the primary reasons they don’t want to follow Christ. And now I’m a pastor. Who is sufficient for these things? Continue reading “The Pastor’s Kid by Barnabas Piper”

Five More Reasons Why Your Child's Bedtime Matters

At the start of this last school year (2013), Albert Mohler examined some recent scientific research on children and their bedtime, concluding that a “fixed and consistent” bedtime was essential for a child’s academic performance and overall health. You can read Mohler’s insightful article here. Beyond the physical and intellectual incentives for why a regular bedtime is fundamental to your child’s overall well being, however, there are other reasons for why parents should establish and faithfully implement a consistent sleep routine. I will mention five.

Continue reading “Five More Reasons Why Your Child's Bedtime Matters”

Kids and Technology

The Multitasking GenerationIn late March, Time magazine featured an excellent article about the ill-affects of personal technology on Junior High, High School and College age students entitled, The Multitasking Generation. The subheading of the article’s title reads, “They’re emailing, IMing and downloading while writing a history essay, what is all that digital juggling doing to kids’ brains and their family life?” The article then proceeds to answer this question.

The article opens with the a typical scene from the Cox family: at 9:30pm, while the mom, Georgina, is tidying up the living room, and the dad, Stephen, is ‘wolfing’ down dinner alone in the kitchen, their two children, Piers (their 14 year-old son) and Bronte (his twin sister) are engaged in various projects on two separate computers. Piers has been ‘holed up’ in his bedroom and logged onto MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger (IM) for the past three hours while downloading pictures and jamming to his iTunes. Bronte, having ‘commandeered her dad’s iMac’ is feverishly IMing while talking on her cell phone and ‘chipping’ away on homework. Continue reading “Kids and Technology”