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Spiritual Disciplines, Part 5: Why Pray?

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The Vital Importance of Personal Discipline
Spiritual Disciplines, Part 1: Is Self-Discipline Unspiritual?
Spiritual Disciplines, Part 2: The Priority of Bible Reading and Meditation
Spiritual Disciplines, Part 3: Bible Reading: Some Practical Suggestions
Spiritual Disciplines, Part 4: What is Biblical Meditation?


In the next two posts, I will focus on the discipline of prayer. In this post, I will look at a few foundational questions related to prayer. In the next post, I will address some practical issues. Continue reading “Spiritual Disciplines, Part 5: Why Pray?”

Spiritual Disciplines, Part 4: What is Biblical Meditation?

So far we’ve learned that spending time in Scripture must become a priority—a severe discipline—in our lives. We’ve also considered a few practical ways to make that happen. But we will keep ourselves from much blessing if we halt our discussion at the discipline of reading and don’t talk about the discipline of meditation.

The moment I mention the word meditation, however, it is possible that you are immediately drawn to images of people sitting in the Lotus Position: eyes closed, legs crossed, with palms up on one’s knees, with the thumb and middle finger on each hand slightly touching. That’s because our culture is fascinated with eastern-style meditation, and, most recently, something called “Mindfulness” (although mindfulness experts do not all insist on one specific kind of posture, even though they would say posture is important). Continue reading “Spiritual Disciplines, Part 4: What is Biblical Meditation?”

Spiritual Disciplines, Part 1: Is Self-Discipline “Unspiritual?”

Personal discipline is vital to the Christian life, but it seems that a broad misunderstanding exists among Christians as to how personal discipline and heart affections relate to one another. Before we discuss spiritual disciplines, we need to consider the important question of how these disciplines relate to our affections.

All You Need is…Discipline?
On one side I’ve heard folks who give the idea that discipline is all that matters. That is, they’ve concluded that affections (i.e., feelings, emotions) for God aren’t essential to the Christian life and that it is simply our duty to discipline ourselves to do the right thing even when we don’t feel like it (which we often won’t). Continue reading “Spiritual Disciplines, Part 1: Is Self-Discipline “Unspiritual?””