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Book Notes – July 2018 (Books on Ecclesiastes)

The 2017-18 academic year in our ministry at Stanford University was a “Year of Wisdom.” In the fall quarter we studied Proverbs. The spring quarter was Job. But it was during the winter quarter that we quarried Ecclesiastes.

At first blush, the book of Ecclesiastes seems like a cynical rant; something you might find written by a disgruntled philosophy major at a large university (like Stanford!). Upon closer examination, Ecclesiastes is a book of profound wisdom, offered to all with arresting honesty and candor. A thorough study of this book will, I trust, bolster your contentment and deepen your appreciation for Christ and the gift of earthly life.

Although there are many other commentaries on Ecclesiastes (many of which reside on my shelf), below are the books I found most helpful in my teaching preparation. I believe they will serve you well as you trek through this great book. Continue reading “Book Notes – July 2018 (Books on Ecclesiastes)”

The Doctrine of Work: Some Recent Titles (And an Old One, Too)

The past fifteen years has provided Christian readers with a blessed increase in literature on the doctrine of work. This growth in resources is a welcome development because it appears that for some time now, the doctrine of work has become a matter of tertiary importance–if not insignificance–among evangelicals.

However it developed, it seems that the default attitude among Christians with whom I have associated over the years (as I’ve held membership in churches in Montana, Southern California, Northern California, and Kentucky) is that work no longer a joyful calling but a mere means to an end. “Spiritual” endeavors like evangelism, pastoral ministry, missions, Bible study, and other church-related activities are the aspects of life that God really cares about. Work? It just pays the bills so that we could pursue the stuff that truly matters. (See my reflections here on a recent parenting book that appears to imbibe this kind of attitude.) This neglect of the doctrine of work is ironic, however, because evangelicals are the theological heirs of Reformation and the reformers’ robust teaching on the inherent goodness of all work. Continue reading “The Doctrine of Work: Some Recent Titles (And an Old One, Too)”

30 Recommended Books for College Students

The following is a list of recommended books for Christian college students. I have compiled this list based on what I perceive to be the most important issues facing students today. I have also included several important devotional and theological works in order to ground students in a glorious vision of God and a deepening walk of practical faith and obedience. Continue reading “30 Recommended Books for College Students”