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8 Traits of The Sluggard

Over the past several years of my Christian life I have found that regular reading through the Proverbs is an immediately useful practice. For one thing, I am brought face-to-face with the sluggard. As I read and linger over passages that speak of the lazy man, my own heart is exposed and I am convicted of my tendency toward idleness and sloth. But the Spirit often uses these practical insights to exhort me to again renew my commitment, by grace, to redeem the time for Christ’s sake. In order to help us recognize and repent of our own laziness, I would like to examine briefly eight traits of the sluggard. Continue reading “8 Traits of The Sluggard”

The Deception of Laziness

The deception of laziness is that it promises more pleasure than hard work. It will be quicker to simply memorize facts than understand the larger concepts behind those facts; it will feel better to watch the football game than it would to spend adequate time on my homework; it will be easier to only spend 30 minutes cleaning out the garage than two hours.

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