Self-Examination, Obedience, and Assurance

Obtaining and enjoying the assurance of one's salvation is something that alludes many Christians. Get past all the spiritual jargon and start asking some difficult questions, and you might find that a lack of assurance, whether it occurs occasionally or frequently, is a feeling that dogs many sincere Christians. In these situations, those who tend … Continue reading Self-Examination, Obedience, and Assurance

History, Theology, and Edwards' Devotion to the Bible

Jonathan Edwards is well-known for his devotion to Scripture; not only for his commitment to biblical doctrine, but also for his deriving that doctrine from its original source: the Scriptures themselves. In Edwards' two volume collected works, there is a massive 140 page section entitled 'Notes on the Bible,' which contains over 1500 numbered entries … Continue reading History, Theology, and Edwards' Devotion to the Bible