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Christology from Nicea to Chalcedon: A Brief History

Almost immediately following Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, the church found herself subject to infiltration by heretics and false doctrine. While these heresies did not focus exclusively on the person of Christ, most of them did, and early Christian theologians labored to respond to these challenges in order to articulate a logically coherent, biblically faithful account of Christ’s identity. Continue reading “Christology from Nicea to Chalcedon: A Brief History”

History, Theology, and Edwards' Devotion to the Bible

Jonathan Edwards is well-known for his devotion to Scripture; not only for his commitment to biblical doctrine, but also for his deriving that doctrine from its original source: the Scriptures themselves. In Edwards’ two volume collected works, there is a massive 140 page section entitled ‘Notes on the Bible,’ which contains over 1500 numbered entries on particular texts of the Bible, written by Edwards over the course of his life. This section (written as personal notes, not intended for publication) reveals the diligence of a man who sought to know and understand the whole counsel of God first hand.

Continue reading “History, Theology, and Edwards' Devotion to the Bible”