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Spiritual Disciplines, Part 5: Why Pray?

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In the next two posts, I will focus on the discipline of prayer. In this post, I will look at a few foundational questions related to prayer. In the next post, I will address some practical issues. Continue reading “Spiritual Disciplines, Part 5: Why Pray?”

Book Review: 'God's Greater Glory' by Bruce A. Ware

Ware God's Greater GloryGod’s people throughout the centuries have struggled to understand the relationship between God’s sovereignty and our human responsibility. Recently, some theologians have developed a theological framework most commonly referred to as “Open Theism,” in order explain the apparent paradox that exists between the twin realities of God’s divine rule and our human freedom. This framework was previously critiqued in an earlier book by Bruce Ware entitled, God’s Lesser Glory, in which the title of the book foreshadowed Ware’s conclusion of Open Theism: it is a theological framework where “God’s glory is cheapened and diminished” (9). The view presented in the present volume (God’s Greater Glory), is, according to Ware, a vision of God in which his glory is “honored and exalted” (9).

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