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Spiritual Disciplines, Part 4: What is Biblical Meditation?

So far we’ve learned that spending time in Scripture must become a priority—a severe discipline—in our lives. We’ve also considered a few practical ways to make that happen. But we will keep ourselves from much blessing if we halt our discussion at the discipline of reading and don’t talk about the discipline of meditation.

The moment I mention the word meditation, however, it is possible that you are immediately drawn to images of people sitting in the Lotus Position: eyes closed, legs crossed, with palms up on one’s knees, with the thumb and middle finger on each hand slightly touching. That’s because our culture is fascinated with eastern-style meditation, and, most recently, something called “Mindfulness” (although mindfulness experts do not all insist on one specific kind of posture, even though they would say posture is important). Continue reading “Spiritual Disciplines, Part 4: What is Biblical Meditation?”

Spiritual Disciplines, Part 3: Bible Reading: Some Practical Suggestions

So far we’ve seen that spiritual discipline is essential to our spiritual growth and that discipline is not a burdensome alternative to spiritual spontaneity, but is actually a means to it. We’ve also seen why Bible reading should be a priority in our lives. In this post, I want to offer you a few ideas to help you build Scripture reading and meditation into your regular routine. Continue reading “Spiritual Disciplines, Part 3: Bible Reading: Some Practical Suggestions”

Daily Strength for Parents: Bible Reading Plans for 2012

In order to disciple their children with consistent grace and patience, parents need to remain anchored in the truth of God’s Word. Without a heart and mind steeped in biblical wisdom, parents will find themselves easily frustrated and even beleaguered by the daily trials that attend child rearing.

But with a new year comes fresh opportunity and motivation to establish a plan for regular Bible reading. At the Gospel Coalition, Justin Taylor has provided a list of several different Bible reading plans. I would encourage you to spend some time considering what plan might work best for you so that you might begin, if you haven’t already, to cultivate the habit of continually feeding on the Word of Christ–for your own good and the good of your family.

The Word of God strengthens, cleanses, instructs, rebukes, challenges, changes, empowers, and encourages parents. Will 2012 be the year that you pursue these and more benefits afforded by spending time daily in God’s Word? We pray it will.

Please click here to access Justin Taylor’s list of Bible reading plans.

[This post originally appeared at FamilyMinistryToday.com.]

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