Below is a list of books that deal with the issue of homosexuality from a Christian perspective. There are many other resources available, but these are the ones I have read and on which I can offer my thoughts.

DeYoung HomosexualityWhat Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? | Kevin DeYoung –In part 1 of this accessible and well-written volume, DeYoung examines all the major Bible passages that address the issue of homosexual practice. In part 2, he answers several objections to the biblical position. This is an excellent resource that all Christians should own and read. 153 pages.

Is God Anti Gay - AllberryIs God Anti-Gay? | Sam Allberry – Sam Allberry is a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction, so he understands the struggle that men and women like him face. But he is also committed to upholding the biblical vision for human sexuality, so writing is both sympathetic and fully biblical. Much like DeYoung’s book only a little shorter, Allberry deals with all the relevant biblical texts and answers several objections. 90 pages.

 Love into LightLove into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual, and the Church | Peter Hubbard – With compassion and biblical clarity, Hubbard seeks to help Christians who experience same-sex attraction by focusing on the issues of sexual identity and desire. This is a very useful book for understanding sanctification as it relates directly to matters of our sexual desires. 174 pages.

Gagnon - The Bible and Homosexual PracticeThe Bible and Homosexual Practice | Robert Gagnon – This work is considered the foremost exegetical work on all the biblical passages related to homosexual practice. Comprehensive in scope, it provides excellent textual basis for the biblical position and answers all the major interpretational questions. While one can read it straight through, it is best used as a resource with which one can engage Gagnon’s commentary on specific passages when needed. 520 pages.
Secret ThoutghtsThe Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert | Rosaria Champagne-ButterfieldThe first third of this book is the honest and moving testimony of how a former lesbian professor of feminist studies at the University of Syracuse came to Christ and was transformed by the gospel. The remaining section of the book is a narrative of post-conversation life in which she discusses her marriage to Ken Butterfield, their church life, and their multiple adoptions. 191 pages.
Response to Matthew VinesGod and the Gay Christian? A Response to Matthew Vines | Edited by R. Albert Mohler Jr.– This free ebook (available for free download at or for $0.99 on Kindle at Amazon) is a response to Matthew Vine’s recent book, God and the Gay Christian in which he argues that the Bible approves of same-sex sexual practice. The contributors to A Response each deal with a particular facet of Vines’s argument, demonstrating that his case is biblically and historically indefensible. 95 pages.
Making Gay OkayMaking Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything | Robert Reilly – Reilly is not writing from an evangelical perspective, but he nevertheless provides abundant evidence for how the rationalization of homosexual behavior is affecting every major facet of American life and culture. Reilly argues for the immorality of homosexual behavior from Natural Law by pointing to the “design” and “telos” (goal, end) of our bodies and the harmful effects of homosexual practice. 234 pages. (Please see my review of this book here at The Gospel Coalition.)
Washed and WaitingWashed and Waiting | Wesley Hill – Wesley Hill is a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction. While I think Hill’s phrase “Gay-Christian” is unhelpful (see my review of Hill’s most recent book, Spiritual Friendship here) and his dependence on Catholic writers somewhat concerning, this book will help Christians who do not experience same-sex attraction better understand the men and women who do.


2 thoughts on “Books on Homosexuality from a Christian Perspective

  1. Have you read James Brownson’s book Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships? What are your thoughts on the arguments it makes?

  2. To Whom It May Concern;
    My name is George Wilder. I’ve messed up in my life but for the past two years I’ve really come to know the Lord. My ex girlfriend is currently in prison right now. My best friend is in her dorm I stay in contact with both, and I am truly worried about my ex Shylee slipping in her walk with the Lord. She’s currently having sexual relations with females. She knows the Lord and it’s a sin but does easily LED astray. Is there anyway you can send her some literature especially on the sin of homosexuality. Her address is below thank you very much for your time.

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