Paul’s rhetorical question to the religious Jew in Romans 2:21 regularly intrudes my conscience: “You who teach another, do you not teach yourself?” Those who have the good desire to teach Biblical truth for the benefit of others can be prone to developing the bad habit of only teaching others. How easy it is to let truth bypass our hearts as we think about how we can teach that particular truth to another person.

Blog writing should not be merely directed at others. The posts we write need to saturate our minds and affect our hearts before they are allowed to go public, or we run the risk of developing an unhealthy pattern of eluding conviction and numbing our conscience. Our writing should edify us as much as it edifies our readers—not because it is particularly impressive, but because its subject matter demands it.

Now I’m certainly not discouraging good blogging—maybe just encouraging us to blog a little less if necessary. And perhaps those thoughts that have been percolating in our mind over the past couple of days first need to be put into a journal and pursued in private meditation before (or instead of) finding their way onto a blog.

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