Why blog?

For Christians, this is a serious question. Why? Because Christians are instructed to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (II Corinthians 10:5) and do all to the glory of God (I Corinthians 10:31). So it would be safe to say that the practice of blogging is a part of the Christian life that must be considered and exercised in light of Scripture. The blogosphere is not some imaginary dimension where we can shirk our responsibility to do all to the glory of Christ. On the contrary, blogging, because of its size and accessibility, has the potential to be a massive vehicle for the exaltation of God and the good of others; or it has the capacity to wreak great and wide destruction on the glory of God in this world, hinder the edification of believers, and the impede sinners from coming to Christ. Writing is serious business.

Prior to blogging, the common man has never had such access to the kind of readership that only published authors used to have. To be ‘published’ used to mean that an author had to make his way through a series of edits until the finished product was fit to print. Now ‘publishing’ is accomplished at the touch of a button without any editorial monitors; with the author’s material being available to thousands, if not millions of people. Thoughts can come off the top of one’s head and into major ‘circulation’ within minutes and are usually completely immune to the rigorous apparatus of an editor.

The seriousness of writing and a sober understanding of the effect it has on others can easily vanish as writing and publishing become so easy. Those who should not be teachers become teachers and those who are woefully ignorant become so-called instructors of truth. The simple now sound wise, the lazy now appear diligent, and the ungodly can even sound spiritual without any genuine accountability to prove otherwise.

On the other hand, the blog world is a place where previously unrecognized and unread yet well-thought and insightful Christians now have a forum in which to sharpen, edify and strengthen other believers on a wide scale. This can be tremendously beneficial and will be so if we prayerfully exercise Biblical principles in our blogging. As we do this, my prayer is that we might distinguish ourselves servants of the King within the blogging community and shine as lights in this dark world (This is Bob Kauflin’s burden in a three-part series entitled, “Blogging to Worship God,” in his website, WorshipMatters.com).

The above mentioned negative aspects can be countered, and the positives nurtured if we consistently apply Biblical principles to our web-writing. With this in mind, I would like to propose three Biblical principles that, I believe, must become our guide as we think and write and publish:

Write to the Glory of God and for the Good of Others
Write Excellently
Take Your Writing Seriously

In the following days and weeks I would like to unfold these principles to help us become writers that exalt Christ and truly help others. I pray that this endeavor would be beneficial for all of us who desire to write for the glory of God.

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